Zevran Alistair Cassel
Zev before taking a target in a club.
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Physical Age 23
Alignment Neutral Good
Tools Dual Cortosis/Lightsabercrystal daggers
Abilities None
Status Alive


Zevran Cassel was born on Mandalore in 2298, and grew up like most children. He moved out of his family's house at age seventeen and started working as a security operator for a local military base. He also stayed until evening for physical training, meaning he was there for twelve hours a day. A year into his job, he met Morrigan Sigurdson and the two became friends. After about a month and a half of knowing her, Zev asked Morrigan to join him clubbing over a weekend, which she accepted, and went through with, despite an attempt on her life that night. The two started officially dating about two weeks later.

When they were twenty, the two came across Varric and Isabela Moreau, traveling brother and sister who worked as mercenaries. The four quickly bonded, and soon after Zev and Morrigan quit their jobs at the security post, Morrigan bought a training facility, which they used as a headquarters, and they started operating out of there. Varric and Isabela were able to convince Zev to get tattoos to symbolize what he did, but were unable to convince Morrigan.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Zevran, for the most part, is an average young man who simply has off color work choices. Zevran is known for a natural charisma in most things, knowing when to be persuasive and when to apply pressure. He has a distinct level of cocky arrogance, given how he knows that most girls swoon when he enters the room and that he is well capable of defending himself. This has a tendency of getting the best of him, and he will sometimes believe himself above others. He only cares about Morrigan, Varric, and Isabela in life, and will die to protect them.

In battle, Zevran wields a pair of daggers crafted by Varric and Isabela that are made of a strange blend of Cortosis and white lightsaber crystal, giving the blades a crystalline appearance. He is known for fighting quickly, able to go from all out offense to countering an attack to back to offense within seconds.


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