Zeta Wing was originally the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing in the 1st Air Division. It was eventually disbanded and the name was left to legend for centuries. In 2354, it was remade under the command of Jace Ferran. However, it became more of a special operations/shock unit instead of a fighter wing.

Members Edit

Generation OneEdit

Generation TwoEdit

Generation ThreeEdit

200px-Mand-Group small

Selen, Will, and Zack (in the background) fighting Lambent during the Evacuation of Sera.


Zeta Wing was infamous for it's pranks under Sigurdson's leadership. When reformed under Ferran, this trait was not duplicated.

  • Adriana Llehctim - Zack and Selen dropped fifty pounds of ketchup on her.
  • IceBite - Will and Pian altered his chair so that it would fall through the floor and into a large vat of tomato sauce.
  • Ryan Ferran - Sen and Leandra climbed into one of his house windows in the night. Sen ate all his food, Leandra filmed Ryan sleeping. Sen had to stop her from sitting in his lap. Leandra framed Natalia for filming it.
  • Tory Lund and Dawn - Pian dropped a large pie on their heads while they were alone.
  • Lightning - Leandra continually pranks her in every way she can. The most known prank is the one where Leandra made a giant jenga tower fall on Lighting while she slept.
  • Qymaen jai Sheelal - Andromeda's the only one with the guts to prank this master swordsman: she uses her Quantum Genesis power to gravimetrically immobilize him.

The "Shit List"Edit

The "Shit List" was developed by Zack and Sen, and holds each person in the universe a member of Zeta wants dead. Later on, Jace Ferran implemented a more casual list for his squad.

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