Zena Lois
Vital statistics
Gender female
Race Human
Physical Age 22
Alignment Lawful Good
Faction Proterran Temple of Delphi (Formerly)
Abilities Psychic Powers (mainly Clairsentience)
Status Alive

Zena Lois was the Oracle of Delphi in the early 2340s for the Proterran Greeks. Before a battle on Proterra, Zena predicted that the battle will have “grave consequences”, later revealed to be her own injury and invalidation as an oracle, a grave consequence to the people of Delphi (Proterran Greeks incorrectly translated requirements for Oracles of Delphi as virgins AND of untarnished beauty). Her beauty tarnished, the Delphians readied to “dispose” of Zena, but Hellcat Squadran convinced the Mythilin to intervene, and the people of Delphi agreed to let Hellcat Squadran take Zena with them.

While en route to Earth (and after Zena was snapped out of her hysteria, caused by the massive change that occurred to her, by Anastasia Renner-Acadal), Zena was discovered to have Psionic Potential, which was boosted in the direction of Clairsentience by the hallucinogenic fumes she was made to breath as an Oracle.


Having lived in the Temple at Delphi for most of her life, Zena was desperately not prepared for real life, and was, initially, in a state of hysteria when she found out she was no longer the Oracle of Delphi. However, Anastasia managed to calm her down. Even then, though, she showed signs that it was obvious that she was woefully unprepared for life outside the temple. Because of how Anastasia was able to calm her, Zena is, for the moment, completely relying on her for learning the ways of the outside world (at least, among the Coalition).


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