York-class Heavy Cruiser
Vehicle statistics
Starship Function Heavy Cruiser
Length 707 meters
Width 184 meters
Height 121 meters
Crew Capacity 300
Power Systems Element Zero Drive Core
Engines Antiproton Drives (2)
Weapons Various
  • Mark II Mass Accelerator Cannons (2)
  • Disruptor Torpedo Tubes (6 fore, 2 aft)
  • GARDIAN Clusters (12)
Class Status Active

The York-class Heavy Cruiser is the main battle starship of the Systems Alliance, a member faction of the Citadel Federation. One of the Citadel Federation's most-used starships, alongside the Aurus-class Frigate of the Turian Hierarchy, the York is will always be a sure-fire presence on any Citadel Federation battlefield.

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