Vehicle statistics
Owner Hellcat Squadran
Vehicle Classification
Vehicle Type Various
  • Heavy Strategic Bomber
  • Airborne Anti-Air Artillery Platform
Faction Hellcat Squadran
Special Modifications
Status 5 Pairs operational

The XB-500 is a highly advanced, enormous Chameleon Aircraft (Basically, an aircraft that can be configured with various parts to fill different roles). Occasionally nicknamed the 'Abrams of the sky', the XB-500 has never been shot down, nor destroyed in any other way. It's wingspan is so long that, if the wings of the XB-500 were broad enough, it could fit a GA-TL1 on each wing. The XB-500 can come in 2 configurations:



The Bomber configuration has standard AA Defenses, but it carries a bomb pay-load large enough to flatten every major city in a third world country on its own. Bomber configurated XB-500 are normally accompanied by an equal number of AA-configurated XB-500s.


The Anti-Air configuration of the XB-500 has an extensive Anti-Air Gun and AAM (Aircraft-Mounted Anti-Air Missile) network. The Bomb Bay has been configured to hold at least 2 Wings of HI-25 Interceptors, prepared for drop-launch.

Power/Engine systemsEdit

The XB-500 utilizes an upgraded, more powerful version of the HI-25's XBO-X01-Q Quantum-Jet Turbine, and uses a crystalline fusion matrix to power the engines in the event of a stall-out, which is rare, as the large surface area of the XB-500's wings cause it to 'glide' in the event of an engine failure.

Battle RecordEdit

The XB-500 was introduced in 2013, as a possible replacement for the UNSC's C-709 Fighter-Bomber and Shortword Bomber. It proved its effectiveness in the Battle of Vessl Negla, when 2 (One Bomber, one AA) were deployed. Neither aircraft was shot down. The XB-500 was used in many battles afterwards:

As of yet, there are no reported XB-500 casualties.

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