XB-2000 Retaliator
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Vehicle statistics
Owner Celeste Petri
Starship Class (if Applicable) XB-2000 Retaliator Prototype
Starship Type Assault Bomber
Faction N/A
Power/Weapon Systems
Special modifications
Status Operational

The XB-2000, or Retaliator, was an experimental Black Cell assault bomber designed for long-range engagements and independent operations. However, before it was finished, the only prototype was stolen by Gemma Fiore, originally daughter of Kaitlin Becks and Descident, but soon ran away and became known as "Celeste Petri".

The Retaliator is equipped with an experimental AI that (now) goes by the name of Melia. Melia has total control of the craft, and can therefore control it when there's no one piloting it.

The Retaliator currently serves as the home for Celeste, and her companions: the Geth Eskator and the Collector General.


As a long-range assault bomber, the Retaliator is designed for independent operation and for heavy-hitting weapons.


As primary armament, the Retaliator is equipped with powerful gravitic torpedoes, designed to cause extensive damage to enemy ships and structures. As defensive weapons, the Retaliator is armed with 5 heavy railgun turrets. While they can all be computer controlled, one is typically controlled by Eskator, while the other is controlled by Tulinal.


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