Wraith Concept
Wraith, the Spectre of Vengeance
Vital statistics
Title The Spectre of Vengeance
Gender male
Race Unknown
Physical Age Unknown
Alignment Chaotic Good
Faction Crogenitor Insurgency
Tools Death Axe, Praxis Polearm, Spectrokinetic Polearm, Abysall Axe
Abilities Necro Genesis, 'Delta' Powers
Status Alive

"Either you die a hero or you live just long enough to see yourself become the villain......or long enough to make a difference. You decide which you make for yourself." - Wraith

Wraith is one of the Necro Heroes, and was met by the Coalition on his homeworld, Nocturna. He took part in many battles afterwards, joining the Nocturni Legion, and Jinx, in joining the Battle of Earth. He killed a prominent Defiler, Artilin Markony, during the Battle of Earth during the Consortium War.


Wraith has a personality so similar to the Superhero 'Batman', that Zack jokingly calls Wraith 'Batman'. Wraith is serious and a bit quiet, although, unlike Batman, doesn't mind killing.

Wraith Delta

Wraith's Delta Mode

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