Will Serrah
159px-Josh Shannon12.PNG
Vital statistics
Callsign Wolf
Gender male
Race Human
Physical Age 21
Alignment Chaotic Good
Faction Hellcat Squadran - Zeta Wing
Tools Spartan Laser, M1911 sidearm, combat knife
Vehicles Shadowhawk 7
Status Alive
Wolf sword

Will in his armor



Will Serrah was born in Sydney Australia, and was abandoned at an early age. He grew up in an orphanage until he ran away when he was fifteen. When he was seventeen, he became friends with Amy Rae Kowalski and Owen Terokoin, who he found living in the subways of New York. A month later, they were found and recruited into Hellcat Squadran by Zack Sigurdson.

Squadran CareerEdit

Shadow WarEdit

Will served under Zack alongside Owen, Amy, an amnesia induced orphan named Safira, Christopher Denson and Selen Leanason, a human with hyper-enhanced strength. They saw service together throughout the Shadow war, at the end of which, Owen, Chris, Amy, and Safira retired. Will attended Owen and Safira's wedding as well as Chris and Amy's. The four retired members and Will were later forced to help Zack fake his death after a solo mission he went on.

Life AttemptEdit

After a year, a small, terror based group assassinated Chris, Amy, and Safira, and nearly killed Owen. The same group tried to kill Will, but were stopped by the timely intervention of Zack, who chose to reveal himself as alive. They interrogated a survivor, who revealed he was the sniper that killed Chris and Amy. The two friends promptly beheaded him, but not before they learned that Zack was being set up as the killer. Will returned to Kaven Base, while Zack went off to unravel the mystery behind the deaths.

Gassing of the BaseEdit

Will was present after Zack was reinstated into Hellcat Squadran. Soon after, the same terrorist group launched a chemical attack on the base, which killed many of the Squadran's soldiers. Later, Owen was killed by Caleb Johnson, supposed head of the group. Will remained at base until the crisis was averted.

Consortium WarEdit

Will fought at the battle of Pulse, the battle of Reach, and the battle of Earth. He survived the entire war, but was severely wounded by a group of Consortium Defilers towards the end of the Battle of Earth. He also forged sibling like bonds with new members of Zeta, Sen Urec, Leandra Jackson, Pian Marr, Beyghor Lamitt, and Andromeda.

Owen's ReturnEdit

Owen was later revealed to be alive, and part of a small anti-Coalition group. Zack, Selen and Will soon apprehended him, but Zack sprung him from the base.


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