White Star-class Attack Ship
a Whitestar opening fire
Vehicle statistics
Starship Function Medium Cruiser
Length 476 meters
Width 302 meters
Height 112 meters
Crew Capacity 50
Power Systems
Engines Stalasha Gravimetric Engines
Weapons Various
  • 2 Neutron Cannons
  • 2 Twin Fusion Cannons
  • Magnetic Discharge Beams
Class Status operational

The White Star-class, was a class of advanced warships maintained by the Rangers and utilizing Minbari and Vorlon technology and served as the backbone of the Army of Light's fleet.

Among the technology traded between the Army of Light and the Coalition, the White Star is the most commonly procured from the Army of Light by the Coalition.

A ship designed with the same concept and aesthetics as the White Star was designed by the Scrin in the 2250s, and was called the Terminus-class Attack Ship.


The White Star is described, by Hellcat Squadran, as a "Light Cruiser that flies like a Fighter", a testament to the speed and agility of the White Star. Its weapons are equally formidable, allowing it to take on larger vessels, while simultaneously dodging their attacks.


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