One of the Coalition's most powerful weapons, the Wave Motion Gun is a devastating weapon of war, capable of cracking planets open. The weapon draws energy from the vessel's engines for power, meaning the weapon can deal out an enormous amount of firepower. However, this drains the power of normal-sized starships to the point ot where they are immobile for a brief period of time, meaning that the ship is a sitting duck.


Frequency Modulator CannonEdit

A lesser Wave Motion gun type, the Frequency Modulator Cannon's creation was actually on accident. One important part of the Wave Motion Gun is the frequency modulation device, which allows the weapon to produce a beam of the most powerful offensive frequency. However, in the Frequency Modulator Cannon, this modulator is damaged, making the weapons produce a beam of a random frequency everytime it's fired. The advantage with this, however, is that it makes the weapon highy effective against the Borg, whose defense rely on adapting to specific frequencies, which eventually make them impervious to damage.

Being a prototype, it does not draw as much power as the standard Wave Motion Gun, and, therefore, does not immobilize the user of the weapon.


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