Species statistics
Homeworld N/A
Species Status Active
Height 5' 6" (Bound); varies (Unbound)
Weight 0 lbs (Bound); varies (Unbound)
Skin Color Black, Purple (Bound); varies (Unbound)
Distinctions Shadowy (Bound); Excessively human-like (Unbound)
Equipment N/A (Bound); varies (Unbound)
Types 2 Types
  • Bound
  • Unbound
Affiliation Skulblakan Hybrids with Summoning Powers
Notable Individuals Various
Other Names

Vylohad are creatures created by Skulblakan Hybrids with summoning powers. The typical Vylohad is a mindless drone, that stand 5 and a half feet tall and weigh nothing. However, unbound Vylohads, Vylohads no longer under the control of their summoner, vastly resemble humans with a powerful affinity to Shadow Elemental Powers. However, unbound Vylohad are not corrupted by their Shadow Elemental Powers, meaning even the purest-hearted Vylohad can manipulate Shadow.

Means of creating Unbound VylohadEdit

  • External Stimuli granting intelligence AND emotion to the Vylohad
  • Excessive Power bestowal and life expansion by the summoner
  • Willing unbinding by the summoner (NOT the same as dismissing the Vylohad)

Differences between Bound and Unbound VylohadEdit

  • Bound Vylohad resemble masses of shadows; Unbound Vylohad resemble humans, typically pale and frail humans
  • Bound Vylohad have only a 1-week lifespan; Unbound Vylohad can have lifespans ranging from 20 years to 400 years (external interference not accounted for)
  • Bound Vylohad are mindless, with no intelligence or emotion; Unbound Vylohad have human or above level intelligence, and are passionate with their emotions
  • Bound Vylohad have eyes resembling white spots; Unbound Vylohad have eyes resembling human eyes, only with greater color variation and an ethereal glow to them


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