Arucane controlling something.
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Marethari Arven
Physical Age 27
Alignment Neutral
Faction Self
Tools None
Abilities Has control over matter.
Vehicles None
Status Alive


Vrangr was a Marethari Arven who worked in a grocery store prior to the war with the Gallifreyians. He and a co-worker, Arucane, were called to service together and were assigned to the same platoon. Their exploits in the war are largely unknown, though it is known that at the end of the war, they escaped through a portal, which carried them through various Planes of Existence for 200 years before Arucane kicked Vrangr away, abandoning him.

Vrangr landed in Moscow, Russia, where he learned Russian, English, Italian, and Spanish, as well as learned the customs of the new plane. In 2290, he witnessed the amnesic Arucane defeat IceBite and May, and he attacked Arucane in a power-fight that ended with both soldiers fleeing, Arucane through the ground and Vrangr in the air.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Vrangr, prior to the war with the Gallifreyians, was largely a normal person. He enjoyed going out drinking with friends every now and then, and was just trying to get by. Once the war began, like the rest of the Marethari, he became angry with the Gallifreyians for their betrayal and became slightly darker, and every Gallifreyian who fell to him made him feel slightly better about the situation. Vrangr was one of the Marethari warriors who fought and killed captive Gallifreyians toward the end of the war.

When Arucane abandoned him, Vrangr became possessed with Revenge and began looking to hunt his former partner down.

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