Vorlon (Esse photos)
Vorlon True
A Vorlon's true appearance
Species statistics
Homeworld Unknown Homeworld
Species Status Rare, but around
Height N/A (Energy Being)
Weight N/A (Energy Being)
Skin Color N/A (Energy Being)
Distinctions Energy-Based Body
Equipment Encounter Suit
Types N/A
Affiliation Army of Light
Notable Individuals Kosh
Other Names Various
  • Energy Squids
  • Beings of Light

The Vorlons are one of the oldest sentient races in the Army of Light's galaxy who, along with other races that developed about the same time, are known as the 'First Ones'. Theories of their age depict them as older than the Forerunners, the Precursors, or even the Sobv'h.


As beings made entirely out of energy, the Vorlons already have natural abilities of Psionics and Energy Manipulation. Also, (however, whether this is due to their transfer to the Hellcat Squadran Universe or something they have the natural capability to do on their own is entirely unknown) they have some limited control over Elemental Light Energy.


Kosh, a Vorlon, in his Encounter Suit

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