Vladmir Llehctim was a well-renowned Russian Archaeologist. In 1981, 10 years before the dissolving of the USSR, he discovered an ancient sword in an old tomb. Some time later, he married a United States weapons scientist named Elizabeth Ilene. The couple had 2 children: Adriana and Leinad Llehctim. However, when Leinad was only 1 year old, the couple was killed by the Jiralhanae Tartorus on one of the Aleutan Islands off Alaska. Fortunetly, a Sangheili Spec-Ops soldier stayed Tartorus's hand when he prepared to kill Leinad, as their mission was to 'Kill the Pair of Scientists, and no others'. Also, Adriana was with some family in Utah.


The legacy of Vladmir Llehctim lives on hin his children. His son 'inherited' the ancient sword he discovered he discovered. Plus, his children retain his attraction to ancient artifacts. Plus, his death is one of the driving factors of Leinad's determination to destroy the Shadow Alliance. It was also later discovered that Vladmir became a Spirit of Light, occasionally aiding his son in battle, using his new abilities.

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