Viper Concept
Viper, the Toxic Ravager
Vital statistics
Title The Toxic Ravager
Gender male
Race Unknown
Physical Age Unknown
Alignment Chaotic Good
Faction Crogenitor Insurgency, Hellcat Squadran
Tools Poison Claws, Toxic Claw, Toxic Frayer, Virulent Blade
Abilities Bio Genesis, 'Beta' Powers, reflexes better than Selen
Status Alive

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Viper was native to a world known as Verdanth, and appeared in the Hellcat Squadran Universe alongside Orion, and Skar in Zelem's Nexus. He joined Hellcat Squadran as a weapons builder, his former Verdanthi occupation, and as a frontline soldier and General.


He's marked as mindless and insane by many, but is actually quite clever and intelligent. He's also an excellent General.

Viper Beta

Viper's Beta Mode

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