Vint Acadal
Douglas Booth
Vital statistics
Gender male
Race Hume
Physical Age 24
Alignment Neutral Good
Tools Dalmascan/Archadian Sub-Judge Armor (his father's), Penetrator Crossbow (with Black Bolts (primary), Long Bolts, Stone Bolts, Lead Bolts, Time Bolts, Sapping Bolts), Danjuro Dagger, Kagenui Ninja Sword, Bloodsword, Crystal Shield
Abilities Mist Powers
Status Alive

Vint Acadal is a Dalmascan Hume. His father was killed by Giarc Evargrah, leaving his now-ill sister his only remaining relative. Ever since his sister was brought to Kaven Base, he'd been hanging out near Kaven Base's Medical Labs, keeping an ear out for any word on her. He has feelings for Anastasia Renner, which she returns, and before Anastasia was forced into exile, the 2 realized this, thanks to Sasha Urec's intervention.


Vint is a take-charge kind of individual, with a caring heart. He's somewhat rebellious, and given more to leading, rather than following. This take-charge attitude strengthened when he and his sister Arin were forced to fend for themselves.

Relations with other IndividualsEdit

Arin AcadalEdit

Arin is Vint's younger sister, and the last member of his family alive. Vint cared for Arin ever since Giarc killed their father: finding them food, healing her wounds, among other things. When Giarc's DNA began attacking Arin, Vint became extremely worried, and was thankful when he found out HS would aid in healing her.

He waits outside the Med Labs most of the time, waiting for news of his sister's recovery.

Anastasia RennerEdit

Vint originally had little interest in Anastasia, until he noticed how unusual she acted around him. Some time after he attempted to find out why from Anastasia's friend Trista Bennett (with no luck), he overheard the fact that she killed Giarc from the bartender of a bar he visited, while Anastasia and her sister were there. After questioning Anastasia's sister Sasha about it, Sasha forced Anastasia to introduce herself. After talking to Anastasia, Vint became attached to her, and, when Anastasia was kidnapped, Vint took up his father's old armor to aid in the rescue effort.


As a Hume, Vint was born with access to Mist Powers.

Mist PowersEdit



Windbreaker is Vint's Level 1 Quickening. In it, he charges up Mist energy, which he releases as a pair of powerful windstreams, which slam the foe hard.


Shatterbrace is Vint's Level 2 Quickening. In it, he balls his hand into a fist, holds it up to in front of his face, and the Earth cracks under his foe. Then, he raises the fist higher, and the ground underneath the foe is forced upward. Then, he thrusts his fist downward, the pulled-up ground slamming to the ground, taking the foe with it.


Everburn is Vint's Level 3 Quickening. In it, he charges up energy, as a fiery rune appears around him. After a short while of charging, the rune explodes into what appears to be lava, which Vint then directs at the foe, who is surrounded by the 'lava'. Then streams of fire sprout from the lava, criss-crossing the foe.


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