Vinna de la Silva ni Karaska
Vinna, after joining Hellcat Squadran
Vital statistics
Title Hellcat Squadran Fleet Admiral
Gender Female
Race Yunn'seca
Physical Age 24
Alignment Neutral Good
Faction United Federation of Planets (Formerly), Hellcat Squadran
Tools Type-2 Phaser (Formerly), DC-15s side arm blaster
Vehicles HCS Dovahkiin
Status Alive

Vinna is widely recognized as a prodigy and is known as one of the individuals taken from their universe by one of the more isolated Rift Storms to bring stuff to the Hellcat Squadran Universe.


Pre-Hellcat SquadranEdit

Vinna was one of the youngest students ever to attend Starfleet Academy. She completed her studies in record time and rose through the ranks to become a fleet commander. However, not all her ideals matched Starfleet's, and, soon, she found herself discharged.

Joining Hellcat Squadran/'Dovahkiin' ProjectEdit

However, IceBite followed the young fleet commander's career and soon worked to recruit her to Hellcat Squadran not long after she was discharged. She finally joined just in time for the unveilment of the Dovahkiin Class Cruiser. The HCS Dovahkiin was her first command. Soon, her outstanding performance earned her the opportunity to command one of the best fleets in Hellcat Squadran.


Vinna is described as cold by many. She usually seems emotionless, usually keeping an even, neutral tone, even in dire circumstances. However, psionicists can easily see the inside of her mind, and find a frightened individual hiding behind a thin facade.

Those that manage to befriend Vinna can bear experience to her more emotional side. However, these people are few and far between, with Leinad Llehctim being one of the first, and Flint Mendoza, a similar-minded member of the Abyss League, the most recent.


Utilizing her Eidetic Memory, Vinna studies her opponents when in battle. She does this to mentally record the tactics of her enemies, so that if she were to encounter the same tactics again, she's better equipped to counter them this time, regardless of whether she had encountered them previously or not.