Vincent Davenport
Vital statistics
Title GDI Director
Gender Male
Race human
Physical Age 45
Alignment Neutral Good
Faction Global Defense Initiative
Vehicles V-35 Ox
Status Alive

Davenport was the leader of GDI since the Panic War. However he is not well liked by the other Coalition leaders.


Davenport was originally the member of the Coalition Council that no one seemed to like, and used to heavilly oppose most, if not all, of IceBite's decisions. Eventually, however, after the incident involving <Please Rewrite>, Davenport's demeanor began to soften. In fact, by the creation of Task Force Omega, Davenport even volunteered to be one of the Task Force's contacts in the Council, along with Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca and Nalia Mae Sials.

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