Vital statistics
Gender male
Race Half-Skakdi
Physical Age Unknown
Alignment Chaotic Neutral with Good Tendencies
Faction Hellcat Squadran, Order of Mata Nui
Tools Fused Kanohi Olmak, Spear, Shield, Torque Bow, Dagger, who the f*** knows what else...
Abilities Making Interdimensional Portals
Status Alive

"Fine! Fine, I'll go with it. We're all just one big, happy family. The family that stays together, kills together, right?" - Vezon, when he joined Hellcat Squadran

Vezon was brought into the Hellcat Squadran Universe through the use of his Olmak, unlike other Bionicles, who were brought through Rift Storms Although the first to leave the Bionicle Universe, he was the last to the Hellcat Squadran Universe: he didn't arrive until 2030. IceBite recruited him to Hellcat Squadran (though not until 2060), while Helryx also recruited him to the Order of Mata Nui (Somewhere in the 2030s). As of today, only one partially regrets their decision.


"Cursed? I was cursed once. Went to find a Mask of Power and it fused with my head...not this one, another one...but, some Toa came and took it. Wasn't cursed anymore, but now I can use this mask I have. Funny, isn't it how a curse can do in you favor..." - Vezon, remeniscing, after Holly described Scar'ir

Vezon is completely insane. He often went on long tangents of free association, reminiscing and rambling about moments from his past at unnecessary times, which annoyed most of his comrades. He was not particularly evil, but only looked out for his own best interests (or to prove things, apparently).

Vezon is well known for describing individuals in the following fashion: "*Subject(s)* has/have no *objects*, just *another object* he/she/it/they hasn't/haven't *past tense action* yet." (IE: "Zyglak have no friends, just meals they haven’t eaten yet.").

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