The Vexillum Lapsus team (Latin for Company of the Fallen) is a team from Omega Squad, formed in 2314, that consists of multiple individuals who have been mortally wounded, and their bodies put into stasis and their minds linked to assault mech units that contain their stasis pods.

The leader of the team is Cecily Hope, who is, while supposedly the youngest member of the team, also the member whose been part of the team the longest.

Team MembersEdit

  • Cecily Hope (Leader)
  • Anaiah Tasse (Assault)
  • Axel Phillips (Defense)
  • Ealdwine Albano (Long-Range Combat)
  • Crescens Van Schoorl (Heavy Assault)
  • Juan Guerra (Heavy Reconnaissance)
  • Vimala Mertens (Reconnaissance)


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