Geth Jedi
Vital statistics
Gender Male/N/A (Male Personality)
Race Shard/Specialized Geth Platform
Physical Age Unknown
Alignment Lawful Good
Faction Jedi Order, Republic of Rannoch
Tools Lightsaber, Geth Plasma SMG, M-3 Predator, Geth Pulse Rifle
Abilities Through Shard

Through Geth Platform

  • Hex Shield
  • Hunter Mode
  • Tactical Cloak
  • Advanced Hardware - Durability, Shield Recharge, Power Synergy
Vehicles Geth Fighter
Status Active

"We are Geth. We are Jedi!" - Vetoron

What could be considered one of the most potent combinations in the galaxy, Vetoron is a Force-Sensitive Shard implanted in a specially-designed Geth Platform. In the Geth Platform, Vetoron has linked with the AI of the Platform, giving both exceptional processing power and access to each others abilities: not only can the Shard access the Geth Tech Abilities, but the Geth half of Vetoron gives the Geth access to experience with the Force not possible otherwise.

Vetoron serves the Jedi Order as a Jedi Knight, and the Republic of Rannoch as the Geth liaison to the Jedi Order. Due to similar duties for the Jedi Order, Vetoron is a friend of Winona Fay, the Jedi Order's liaison to the Lin Kuei warrior clan.

Vetoron refers to itself in the plural first person, like pre-upgrade Geth. However, in this circumstance, Vetoron usually means the Geth and Shard parts of himself.


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