The Long Sword Vesracolian, 9 years after it was buried in the wreckage of the Llehctim's home in Alaska
Vital statistics
Type Elemental Prime Blade
Effects slices people apart, shoots Elemental Energy
Clip Capacity none
Ammo Capacity It's a sword. It's a sharp piece of metal on a handle. Take a guess.
Users Only 1: IceBite

Vesracolian after almost 16 years of use by IceBite

Vesracolian is one of the Elemental Blade Primes, the 5 blades of total Elemental Control, along with the still-missing Prelider, Zukarthi, and Mrolignal, as well as Halsiria, known to be in the possession of Meta Knight. In comparison to the others, however, Vesracolian is actually the weakest of the 5.

The Sword was discovered in an old Forerunner Tomb in Eastern Russia by the late-Archaeologist Vladmir Llehctim. 9 years after the Archaeologist's death, the Sword was discovered in the ruins of his old home by his son, Leinad Llehctim. It then became Leinad's weapon of choice when fighting Tartorus. He is also skilled in using the sword, as he can use it to slice the wheels off of, or dice the engine of a Raider Buggy. He can also channel his Ice and Light Powers through the sword and use it to enhance the power of his elemental attacks, much like he can do with his Ectoplasmic Powers through the Thundercracker Energy Sword and his sister Adriana can do so with her Psychic Powers through her Quarter-Staff. He can combine Vesracolian, Thundercracker, and Adriana's Staff to create a weapon called the 'Di-Blade Elemental Staff'.

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