Verdanth, the Forest World
Vital statistics
Star, Position  ?
Moon(s)  ?
Satellite(s)  ?
Gravity 1.375 Gs
Atmosphere .9atm (N2, O2, CO2)
Population Unknown
Species Arborus, Savage, Sage, Viper, Tork, various Bio, Necro, Plasma, and Quantum Genesis Creatures (Bio Genesis Dominant), Veridian
Technology Tier Tier 4

Verdanth is certainly a lush, green planet. Certain sectors of the planet are covered in ruins and ancient temple-like buildings from when the Verdanthi species still thrived on the planet. Necro enemies may lurk within these sectors. But some Plasma enemies, and even a few Quantum enemies have been seen on Verdanth.

Inhabitants of Verdanth are called "Verdanthi". Arborus also hails from a sentinet race called the Veridian.

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