Vemoli Voty Sema
Vemoli Voty Sema in its fully merged form
Vital statistics
Gender Neutral
Race Mgalekgolo (dividable)
Physical Age Unknown
Alignment Neutral Good
Faction Covenant Separatists, Fairy Tail
Tools Assault Cannon, Plate Shield
Abilities Archive, Fire Magic, Darkness Magic, Lightning Magic, Urano Metria
Status Alive

  • Vem: "The hands of the many..."
  • Oli: "Must join as one..."
  • Voty: "And together..."
  • Se: "We'll cross..."
  • Ma: "The river..." - Vem, Oli, Voty, Se, and Ma's usual declaration while merging into Vemoli Voty Sema

Vemoli Voty Sema is a Mgalekgolo, who, like Elve 'Nadol, was affected by an energy wave that gave it access to abilities native to Earth Land. Vemoli Voty Sema's special feature, however, is that it can split into 5 different beings, each with its own magic. Furthermore, when the 5 beings (Vem, Oli, Voty, Se, and Ma) merge into Vemoli Voty Sema, it has access to all 5's magic sets.

When merging, the quintet recite a portion of the song "The Humbling River", specifically the lyrics (which they divide amongst themselves) "The hands of the many must join as one, and together we'll cross the river..." which actually makes sense, due to them usually only merging when facing an obstacle one of them alone can't defeat.

Composite BeingsEdit

  • Voty (Torso/Head)
  • Vem (Right Leg)
  • Oli (Left Leg)
  • Se (Right Arm/Assault Cannon)
  • Ma (Left Arm/Shield)

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