Vehexa (Homo sapians sagax)
Princess Nalia
Princess Nalia, a prime example of a Vehexa youth
Species statistics
Homeworld Ashadra (Original), Ashadra (Adopted)
Species Status wide-spread
Height At Average: 6 ft
Weight At Average: 100–130 lbs (Female)/140–160 lbs (Male)
Skin Color various shades of brown, pinkish tint for fairer skin
Equipment various
Types various
Affiliation various
Notable Individuals Various
Other Names

The Vehexa are an offshoot of the Human race made thousands of years ago, when an unknown event carried a village of humans to an oasis of a planet. The race soon became brittle physically, but gained brilliant intellect, and excellent resistance to the cold. It wouldn't be for another several thousand years until they reunited with their parent-race.

Another known fact is that all Vehexa have extremely mild Psychic potential, and, normally, the more intelligent the Vehexa, the stronger the potential. It is, therefore, quite common for the Ruler of the Neledia Alliance, supposedly the smartest of Vehexa youth, to have Psychic capabilites on par with an average human psychic. However, these powers mostly manifest in the form of Telepathy, and rarely can ever be used with anything inanimate. The current ruler of the Vehexa, Princess Nalia Mae Sials, is a prime example of the exception to that rule, with the ability to access Psionic Disciplines Telepathy, Psychokinesis, and Clairsentience.

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