Vector Prime
Vector Prime
Vital statistics
Title Keeper of Space and Time
Gender male
Race Cybertronian Ancient
Physical Age Unknown
Alignment Lawful Good
Faction Autobots (Unofficially), Guardians of Justice (Unofficially)
Tools Blasters, Rhisling (His Sword)
Abilities Transforming into an ancient spaceship
Vehicles None, he can transform into an ancient spaceship...and he can open Space Bridges...and can Warp. Why does he need a vehicle?!
Status Alive

Vector Prime is Primus's appointed guardian of time and space. Though recorded history pegs him as 25 million years old, he has identified himself as 9 billion years old, making the clockwork-covered Transformer one of the 13 original Transformers. Despite his age, Vector Prime is very powerful, and can warp both space and time, though excessive use of this power can severely weaken him.

He is partnered up with the Mini-Con Safeguard.

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