Valarian 'Dutch' Taymor
Valarian Taymor
Vital statistics
Title Maximus 7
Callsign Dutch
Gender Male
Race Human
Physical Age 26
Alignment Neutral Good
Faction Phantom Legion
Tools ODST Armor
Status Alive

Valarian Taymor was born in 2004 to a middle-class in Germany. He joined the UNSC in 2021 at the age of 17 to help defend the galaxy from both the Zann Consortium. On the two year anniversery of the Battle of Earth in 2029, Valarian left the UNSC to join Hellcat Squadran and work under mentor and idol, Ryan Ferran.


Valarian was born to Thomas and Jill Taymor in 2004 in Berlin, Germany. He attended private school where he got extremely good education until his senior year. He joined up in the UNSC and was deployed as a Helljumper. His first fight was at the Battle of Reach, where, he was one of the last UNSC troops on the planet. He and the last of his squad were surrounded when tanks from the Phantom Legion broke them out. The squad joined up with the tanks and tried to hold out with the rest of the Phantom Legion on Reach. During the fight, Ryan Ferran saved Valarian multiple times, causing him to see the General as an icon of strength and freedom.


Ryan Ferran: Valarian looks up to him a lot and admires him due to the fact Ryan saved him multiple times during the Battle of Reach, until the latter was cut down at the hands of the <To Be Written>. He also sees him as an older brother.

Kira Konison: When Kira joined the Squadran, Valarian showed immediate interest in her. Eventually, he developed feelings for her.



I know his combat armor is freaking fan made. I don't give a s***. Use your imagination, that's suposed to be a f***ing rough view of it.

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