Turaga Vakama
Vital statistics
Title Turaga
Gender Male
Race Turaga
Physical Age Unknown
Alignment Lawful Good
Faction Coalition Ally (Order of Mata Nui Unofficially)
Tools Kanohi Huna, Firestaff
Abilities Fire Elemental
Status alive

Vakama is one of the leaders of the galax's Matoran Populations. He is also their liason to the Coalition. He always has words of wisdom to give, and, sometimes, powerful, hand-crafted tools and Masks to give.

Gifted MasksEdit

These are Kanohi Vakama had given to allies to aid them. The masks he gives are usually related to what he thinks of the individual.

  • IceBite - White Hau (Leadership Capability)
  • May - Cyan Huna (Stealth)
  • Tory - Lavender Rau (Allowing him to communicate with the beasts his Feral Powers emulate)
  • Dawn - Amber Pakari (To make up for her Supernatural Weakness)
  • Bernadette Mataki - Brown Sanok (Coalition's 3rd Best Sniper, behind May and Linda-058)

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