Vital statistics
Gender male
Race Hume
Physical Age 18
Alignment Chaotic Good
Faction Hellcat Squadran, Dalmasca
Tools Stoneblade, Diamond Sword, Danjuro Dagger
Vehicles Revenant Wings II
Status Alive

Originally a resident of the city of Rabanastre, Vaan was one of the individuals that survived the Rift Storm that engulfed Ivalice and also led the group that went to investigate the crash of a Pelican Dropship. He later served in the defense of Rabanastre, leading the defense of the West Gate. After the evacuation of Rabanastre, he; his friends Penelo, Filo, and Kytes; and the sky-pirates Balthier and Fran joined Hellcat Squadran, while Queen Ashe served as the representative of Dalmasca in the Coalition's counsel.


Defense of RabanastreEdit

Shadow WarEdit

Resurrectal WarEdit

Consortium WarEdit

Post-Consortium WarEdit

<To Be Written>Edit

Locust/Lambent WarEdit


Vaan is fiercely protective of his friends, especially Penelo. He is occasionally a little naive, but is a skilled leader.


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