Type-31 Exoatmospheric Multirole Fighter (Seraph-class Starfighter)
Seraph (New)
Covenant Separatist/Hellcat Squadran Seraph Fighter
Vehicle statistics
Owner Covenant Separatists, Covenant Loyalists, Hellcat Squadran
Vehicle Classification
Vehicle Type Star Fighter, Fighter-Bomber
Faction Coalition (Covenant Separatists and Hellcat Squadran more specifically), Triple Alliance (Mostly Covenant Loyalists)
Special Modifications
Status many operational

The Seraph fighter was the Coalition's mainstream Starfighter, until the introduction of the Klingon Empire's To'Duj and the UFP's Peregrine. It is still widely used, however, not to the original extent. It is also the Triple Alliance's mainstream Fighter-craft.


Covenant Loyalist Seraph

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