Tulinal Collector General
Vital statistics
Race Collector (General Subtype)
Physical Age Unknown
Alignment Lawful Good
Faction N/A (Allied with Celeste Petri)
Abilities Biotics
Status Alive

Tulinal is in fact the Collector General, released from Harbinger's control, and, after being released, performed a last act of defiance, sending information to the Normandy, before being annihilated...or so the galaxy thought.

The Collector General had, in fact, been rescued VERY last second by a Rift Storm, snatching him up mere milliseconds before the explosion destroying the Collector Base reached him. He ended up on the planet Kravikus, a world with a barely-breathable atmosphere, and covered in the wreckage of many wars. Over time, Tulinal was able to think for himself for once...and realizing just HOW horrible of a light he had been portrayed in, he now only wanted to redeem himself.

A few years after Tulinal's arrival, Kravikus was visited by Celeste Petri, her AI companion Melia, and their Geth companion Eskator. This trio discovered Tulinal, but, since Celeste herself considered herself a renegade, she allowed Tulinal a chance to join her crew. Tulinal lept at this chance, and soon became a skilled engineer, despite his lack of fingers. He also serves as the gunner for one of the Retaliator's underside turrets, and has also come in use a few times, when the crew of the Retaliator encountered Collectors.

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