Treowe Edwin
Vital statistics
Title Inquisitor
Gender Male
Race Halfblood Wizard/Human
Physical Age 23
Alignment Lawful Good
Faction Phoenix Imperium - Phoenix Shield
Tools Custom Inferno Pistol, Power Claw, Digi-Weapon - Inferno Pistol, Wizard Wand (11’, Aspen, Dragon heartstring, rigid)
Abilities Psionics, Orbis Terrae Magic
Vehicles Valkyrie Airborne Assault Carrier, Elysian Pattern Sentinel
Status Alive

Treowe Edwin was a human, as well as a halfblood wizard, who grew up in the Phoenix Imperium. He was a childhood friend of Anima Mitchell, after the young Hybrid was adopted into the Imperial Royal Family. When he came of-age, Treowe was chosen for recruitment into Phoenix Shield by an Ordo Imperialis Inquisitor Lord. He rose quickly to the rank of full Inquisitor, and joined the cadre of Ordo Imperialis Inquisitors, led by Inquisitor Lord Glendora Kyner, that accompanied the IRV Forward Unto Dawn, and Treowe's childhood friend Anima, on Anima's mission to find the secrets of her past and recover her lost memories.


Treowe is an individual who is loyal to those he befriends, and dislikes treachery. He's normally calm unless something occurs that he dislikes,

When he makes a friend, he'll stand beside them to the end, which was part of the reason he joined Anima when she left the Sigma Draconis Galaxy to return to her home galaxy and find her origins, an action he was able to perform by exploiting his position in the Ordo Imperialis.



As is traditional for any psionically-power Ordo Imperialis member, Treowe was trained in the usage of both Khala and Void based Psionics, although Treowe excelled more in the latter than the former.

Treowe was most skilled with Blink, cloaking, and Feedback strikes (attacks that used an individuals own power, be it supernatural or based on equipment and weaponry, against them).

Orbis Terrae MagicEdit

Possession of the magic originating from Orbis Terrae is a trait favored by Phoenix Shield, and as such, Phoenix Shield Inquisitors, especially those of Ordo Imperialis, ensure any magic-possessing recruits can quickly learn wandless and wordless casting. As such, Treowe was trained in both by his mentor, who was a halfblood wizard from the Second Wizarding War.

Treowe's wand is a kind geared mostly for dueling and combat, meaning he's able to, with his wand, use powerful offensive and defensive magic, at the expense of only performing average or mediocre non-combat magic. When using wandless/wordless magic, he primarily uses simpler spells, but can perform them with some level of skill, able to disarm opponents (via Expelliarmus) without his wand effortlessly, for example.


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