Treklan War

June, 5 2005


July, 4 2008


Milky Way Galaxy


Coalition Victory/De-stabilization


Pre-2009 Coalition

Triple Alliance

Flood Loyalists

Hell's Spawn


IceBite, Lord Hood, Director Davenport, Gravemind, Supervisor-7-19, Thel 'Vadam, Gutak 'Cyandenee

Kane, Tartorus, Gustovine 'Shalgoee


Malcolm Betruger

The treklan war as it came to be know for a reason was the first joint operation of all factions after the demensional storms. the casualties were high on both sides. Emotional scars caused by the storm had not fully healed and the newly form coalition faced its biggest challange as troops on all sides had animosity towards each other. While this took place on the Triple Alliance's end they were in much better shape for waging individual campaigns free from each other for a majority of the conflict. Kane's forces started the war innitially and caused the most damage with its guerrila tactics and mind control devices. Tartorus waged the space war and was innitally successful until the Coalition learned his tactics and began countering them with the use of carriers. The first battle to be won in the war was the battle for Kaven island while Kane exacted his revenge on Hellcat squadron he forgot about GDI and soon enough started paying for it as his bases in the US and North America were promplty stomped out. However the coalition failed to take the threat of Kane seriously enough when they attacked Kane's eastern european and middile east bases. This prolonged the war enough for Kane to make the high seas of earth a trouble zone for a short time until Blackwater international began playing by Kane's rules, by feeding the Sharks with Kane loyalist when they were board with throwing them into their ships propulsion devices. As for tartorus his lack of intelegence pushed him and his fleet to near destruction before Kane and the other Alliance troops replaced him. As the war dragged on in space Beta wing was put to use on the fringes of known space initially discovering the Scrin. With the coalition gaining more and allies the Alliance was slowly broken in space. This led to the UNSC, GDI, and the newly drafted Hellcat squadron into believing Kane was the primary threat. However, one Coalition faction, the GC Heretic, were focused on only one Triple Alliance faction: the Anti-Hellcat Armada, and its leader, a defecter from Hellcat Squadran: Gustovine 'Shalgoee.

The war wraps up

Major BattlesEdit