The Hellcat Squadran Training Chambers are a set of training areas, originally specifically built for each member in 2005, then deconstructed and rebuilt with Federation Holo-Technology in 2010. They are specifically designed to test the strength of new Hellcat Squadran members, and increase the potency of current members.


Setting 1Edit

Setting 2Edit

Setting 3Edit

Setting 4Edit

Setting 5Edit

Special SettingsEdit

IceBite's SettingEdit

Absolutely restricted for other members to use, IceBite's personal Training setting is designed in such a way as to be absolutely lethal to anyone except for IceBite or any one as powerful as him.

It's designed with spike traps, smashers, grinders, and other dangerous traps. Also, there are various holographic enemies of various kinds, ranging from Jiralhanae to Stormtroopers to Rahkshi, and more, meant to test his skill with them. In addition, the AI that manipulates this training setting is specifically designed to evolve, to become more dangerous after each setting.

IceBite's setting is the most difficult setting used by human individuals, and was specifically designed by himself for himself.

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