Vital statistics
Gender male
Race Cybertronian
Physical Age Unknown
Alignment Chaotic Good
Faction Autobots, Coalition
Tools Machine Guns, Pincers, Crossbow-Like Weapon
Abilities Transforming into a weaponized car
Vehicles None, he can transform into a weaponized car. Why does he need a vehicle?!
Status Alive

Not a day goes by where Topspin doesn't get a new ding or scorch mark on his armor. His urge to succeed in spite of the odds have never dulled. Now a member of the Wreckers, he pushes himself to the limit in combat, going up against the biggest and baddest. And, usually he comes out on top... even if he ends up losing a limb in the process.

His Hellcat Squadran Universe Partner is Serah Farron-Villers.

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