Vital statistics
Gender male
Race Cybertronian
Physical Age Unknown
Alignment Neutral Evil
Faction Decepticons, Shadow Alliance
Tools Laser Weapon
Abilities Transforming into an Su-35
Vehicles None, he can transform into an Su-35. Why does he need a vehicle?!
Status Alive

"YEEEAAAHHH! Here I go: Super Electric Lightning Thundercracker PUNCH!" - Thundercracker, about to attack with his Ultimate Attack

Thundercracker is one of the imbeciles that follows Megatron-2. However, just because he's an idiot, doesn't mean he's not dangerous. He has come up with multiple attacks that can take down multiple enemies (and, if he's not careful, allies) at once. His ultimate attack is the Super Electric Lightning Thundercracker Punch, an attack where Thundercracker charges up all the power he has at his disposal and releases it in a single, powerful, electrically-charged punch.


Thundercracker charging up his Super Electric Lightning Thundercracker Punch...


...and Delivery

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