Future warrior
Chris Cooper AKA "The Sentinel" is 18 years old and is a member of the Hellcat Squadran


He was trapped (He was walking from a comic book shop when it happened) in a really short but bloody gang war. In the middle of the war, his neck started hurting. Then he realized that armor was growing on him, and the armor was in him. Then he picked up a dead gangsters bone and started killing.


Chris can control electricity, but he cannot make it. It comes from generators implanted into his gloves.


He is very optimistic, he often jokes about ducks and inanimate objects. He has herpes, and lots of it - he likes his herpes.



He has two guns only he can use:

A HK-36 and A Colt Single Action Army


He has a katana and lots of combat knives


He has a staff that he uses as his main weapon


He likes everything that explodes


His favourite way of travel is with his F-117 Stealth fighter. He also has other vehicles like motorcycles, cars, and he also has a waveboard


"Wheeeee" is his quote when riding the "Newt"


"I'm gonna kill this bug... OH GOD! IT FLIES" - this quote is probably self-explanitory

"Grrrrr... Ruff!" - He said this to a dog

"NO! You don't screw the rules, the rules screw you!"

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