Thanatos Ippot
Vital statistics
Title (former) Death Knight of Hades
Gender male
Race Human
Physical Age Unknown
Alignment Neutral Good (formerly Neutral)
Tools Erebium Plate Mail, Erebium Bastard Sword
Abilities Mythilin-derived Powers
Status Resurrected

Thanatos Ippot was originally an undead knight of the Mythilin Hades. Thanatos's final task was to protect the former Oracle of Delphi, Zena Lois, before he was given back his life by Hades, as a reward for many years of faithful service.

Thanatos, now fully alive once more, currently accompanies Zena, still protecting her, but now because he personally chooses to.


Thanatos is a loyal individual, proven by how he followed Hades for as long as he did, and later, how he stood by Zena no matter what, once he was released from Hades's service.

Unlike Zena, who has little experience with modern stuff and therefore has issues using modern terminology, Thanatos, supposedly through his service to Hades, is actually quite fluent in the use and "language" of modern terms.


Prior to resurrection, Thanatos's appearance was mostly unknown, as he never removed his armor: what little of his face was exposed by his helmet, showed his skin grey and slightly decayed. One thing that was obvious was that Thanatos was huge and imposing, which made people nervous when he was around.

After finally being resurrected, and after taking off his armor, after returning to Kaven Base from rescuing Zena, Thanatos's imposing size was revealed to be mostly the armor: he was actually only average-sized, and appeared only in his early/mid 20s.


As a Death Knight of Hades, Thanatos was able to drain the lifeforce of opponents of sufficient mental weakness. This means that while individuals such as Skylar Llehctim and Alban Pahlke are without powers, their mental resiliency is such that they're immune to this power.

Furthermore, correctly channeling Hades's power, Thanatos can even raise undead creatures to fight alongside him. When rescuing Zena Lois from a villain that was hunting her, Thanatos used this power to raise a dragon to aid him, while he called on Hades to raise a zombie horde to also aid in the rescue.

Even after he was resurrected, Thanatos retained a small connection to Hades, allowing him to sap the lifeforce of enemies to charge his own attacks.



  • Thanatos Ippot's name is derived from the Greek Phrase meaning "Death Knight", "Thanatos Ippotis".

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