Sith Warrior
Tessarahk, as Darth Agonon
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Modified Kraata (Vorahk Rahkshi subspecies)
Physical Age Unknown
Alignment Lawful Neutral (Formerly Chaotic Evil)
Faction Galactic Empire (Formerly), Visarius's Sith Army (Formerly), Twilight Order
Tools Lightsaber, Modified Rahkshi staff
Abilities Force Powers
Vehicles TIE/vs Advanced Starfighter
Status Alive

Formerly a minion of Darth Mehtohn, Darth Agonon was one of the Sith whose mind was taken over by the Isithid Visarius. When Visarius was killed by Sen Urec and Holly Lund, Agonon was freed, and, more than a little greatful, assisted the Infiltration Team's escape, before disappearing into Hyperspace in a TIE Spinner. He later infiltrated Coalition-controlled territory, merely to observe and briefly attend Sen and Holly's wedding.

Eventually, Darth Agonon took up Pokemon Training as a hobby. When Nes Ceru began hunting the Urecs, Agonon maneuvered to fulfill the vow he made to himself to protect them, trying to intercept Nes at every turn.

After the death of Sean Renner in 2298, and his order underwent a radical shift in ideology, Darth Agonon adopted what he claims was his original name, "Tessarahk", as his identifier.

A fact that Tessarahk used the Force to hide is that he is, in fact, a Kraata, and his 'body' is in fact an intricate Rahkshi suit.


Originally, he did not give a care about anyone, only following his master's will.

After the incident with Visarius, however, he was thankful to the Urecs for 'showing him the light' and soon served as a sort of 'Guardian Angel' for them. He blamed himself for Sen's 'death', but was determined to make up for it by protecting his daughter, Elle. It came to no surprise that when it was found that Sen was in fact alive, Agonon was more than happy about that occurance, and was even more devastated when he died one final time (especially with his proximity to Sen when he died).

Relations with Other IndividualsEdit

The UrecsEdit

Sen UrecEdit

Agonon knew that Sen was the one that killed Visarius, so it initially struck him hard when Sen was thought dead. Each time Sen was found to be alive, he redoubled his efforts in protecting him behind the scenes, to ensure he didn't 'die' again. However, he was struck hard when he was killed for the last time. At that point, he began keeping constant contact with Sen's daughter, Elle, in order to teach her everything he knows.

Holly Lund-UrecEdit

Agonon is aware that it was by Holly's doing that Sen broke free from Visarius. He's determined to protect both her and her daughter.

Elle UrecEdit

Agonon barely knew Elle, but still protected her, merely because of the fact that she was Sen and Holly's daughter.

However, after Sen was killed in the tournament, Agonon remained in consistent contact with Elle, and worked to train Elle's abilities substantially, teaching her various Lightsaber and neutral-Force techniques.

When Sean Renner, Elle's husband, died in 2298, Darth Agonon, now called Tessarahk, accelerated his training of Elle.

Pokemon TeamEdit


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