Terminus Est
Terminus Est
The Termiuns Est emerging from FTL
Vehicle statistics
Owner Abbadon
Starship Class (if Applicable) Planet Ship
Starship Type Mobile Command Center
Faction Chaos Legions
Power/Weapon Systems 100 Antimatter/Matter Reactors. 30 Warp Reactors

Unknown amount of defensive/offensive batteries.

Special modifications Vindicator-Cannon:Weapon to destroy star systems
Status Operating

The Terminus Est, is a planet ship, with a lenght of over 300.000 km no longer catagorisable as warship. It is utilised as the base of operation for the 13th Black Crusade. It's defensive weaponary alone is capable of butchering every form of resitance. While it's offensive weaponary obliterates entire star systems. But due to it's huge mass the ship mostly stays far away from large star systems and stays in "void-systems" where there are no lareg celestial bodies near. Even though possesing not only one or two shields, but six, and it's awesprining weapon capabilities, this installations is always defended by at least 10.000 vessels, none of the smaller than a frigate-class ( which equals cruiser-class for the other races).

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