Grave knight by deivcalviz-d5zo3qs
Teracular in its most commonly used form
Vital statistics
Gender Unknown
Race Specter (Formerly Human)
Physical Age Unknown
Alignment Neutral Good
Faction N/A
Tools Spectral Blades
Abilities Ectoplasmic Powers
Status Active

Teracular was an individual that was killed during one of the Coalition's wars with the Alliance of Unrelenting Darkness, and returned as an undead Specter. A rarity among its kind, Teracular retains some semblance of its humanity, and has frequently, as of the 24th century, aided the Coalition and its allies.

Its common form is a ghostly armored warrior, and is a skilled combatant in its own right. As a Specter, Teracular has masterful skill with Ectoplasmic Powers, but is cursed with, occasionally, having to absorb the lifeforce of living things surrounding it to survive.

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