"Fortitudinis, Pertinacia, Et Spes" "Courage, Determination, and Hope" - Omega's Motto

After the founding of Task Force Omikron, IceBite realized the importance to form his own independent task force with some of his elite soldiers and allies.



IceBite originally created Task Force Omega in 2101, as a means to act outside of the Coalition's 'bureaucratic' authority. As such, Omega is not held back by the Coalition's procedures for doing things.

While independent from the Coalition, Task Force Omega was also given contacts in the Coalition Council, mainly to allow them to remain up to date in recent events, and to keep them supplied. Several times, however, the rest of the council has tried to put in protocols to put the Task Force directly under Coalition Control. Fortunately, the 'Contacts' were able to use pre-established Coalition guidelines and regulations to overturn such attempts.




Each member has their own set of armor, but they also have a set of default Task Force Omega Armor. Here are the armors/combat suits used by Team Omega Members:


Directly associating with 4 Coalition Factions, Task Force Omega has access to a LOT of Coalition Vehicles, including:

  • GDI
    • Orca Gunships
    • Mammoth Tanks
    • Juggernaut Artillery Walkers
    • Firehawk Fighters
  • Dalmascan
  • Neledia Alliance
    • Reaper Gunships
    • Harima Battle Tanks
    • Torvosaurus Assault Armors
    • SW-99 Saber-Wing Fighters


The Flagship of Task Force Omega is the CDS Harbinger of Justice, a Phantom Legion-Supplied Starship.

Starship Human

the CDS Harbinger of Justice

Contingency OrdersEdit

  • Order 1 - Allied Task Force betrayed. Attempt to shelter betrayed Task Force and either aprehend or eliminate the traitor.
  • Order 2 - Coalition member has gone rogue. Investigate defection and act accordingly.
    • Order 2 Update - 'Rogue' Coalition Member framed as rogue. Uncover true culprit and clear framed Coalition Member's name.
  • Order 3 - Shadow Alliance Mass Attack. Withdraw, meet with remaining Coalition Forces, and regroup for a counter-attack.
  • Order 4 - Massive Borg Attack. Attempt to recover Borg Nanoprobes and attempt to reprogram them to reverse Assimilation Process.
  • Order 5 - Massive Demon Invasion. Get as many civilians as possible and GET THE F*** OUT OF HERE!


First GenerationEdit

Commanding OfficerEdit

Active MembersEdit

Associated GroupsEdit

Coalition ContactsEdit

Second GenerationEdit

<To Be Written>


"Fortitudinis, Pertinacia, Et Spes" "Courage, Determination, and Hope" - Omega's Motto

"There are those that seek fame, those that seek power, and those that seek justice. We seek to bring hope to our allies...and dread to our enemies. We are the Elite. We are the Best. We are Omega!" - Task Force Omega Oath


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