Tamara Uktin
Tamara after joining Hellcat Squadran
Vital statistics
Title Hellcat Squadran Fleet Commander
Gender Female
Race Human
Physical Age 29
Alignment Neutral Good
Faction United Nations Space Command (Formerly), Hellcat Squadran
Tools M6C/SOCOM (Formerly), Vervack Commando Elite Falcon Pistol
Vehicles HCS Diverian
Status Alive

Tamara was a UNSC Starship Captain until her Admiral was murdered and she was framed for the deed. However, thanks to Task Force Omega, her innocence was proven, and, no longer accepted in the UNSC Military, she joined Hellcat Squadran, becoming a skilled Fleet Commander.


Pre-Hellcat SquadranEdit

Tamara's childhood dream of flying among the stars was fulfilled when she signed up for the UNSC Navy and soon became the right-hand woman of a well-known UNSC Admiral. However, those fulfilled dreams were dashed when Nod Agents snuck onboard the flagship of the Admiral, assassinated him, and planted evidence suggesting Tamara was involved in the assassination. Although false, the evidence was strong enough to get Tamara the death penalty. However, the day she was scheduled to be executed, she disappeared from her cell. It was originally thought that she was rescued by Nod Agents, further legitimizing the claim that she was involved.

Joining Hellcat SquadranEdit

However, it turned out that the 'Nod Agents' that rescued her were in fact members of Task Force Omega, taking the disguise of Nod Agents to (hopefully) keep the true assassins complacent, believing they got away with the deed. However, working with Tamara, they managed to track down, defeat, and arrest the true culprits. Vindicated, but shunned by other UNSC Commanders, Tamara joined Hellcat Squadran. Rising through the ranks, she soon found herself commanding the HCS Diverian, an Aurora Class Battlestar, as well as a fleet of light combat vessels.


She seems brash and reckless, but overcomes her weaknesses by tenaciously targeting an opposing commander, even if she must risk her own life.


  • Tamara is based on a Commander from Galaxy Online II named 'Mantie'. Her image was also modified to give her skin a more human coloration.

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