TIE/vs Advanced Starfighter
TIE Avenger or TIE Spinner
TIE Spinner with booms and Solar Panels Stationary (looks just like a TIE Avenger in this mode)
Vehicle statistics
Vehicle Function Interceptor Starfighter
Length 9.8 m
Width 9.8 m
Height 9.8 m
Crew Capacity 1 pilot
Engines SFS P-sx7.4 twin ion engines
Weapons *SFS L-s9.3 laser cannons (4)
  • SFS M-g-2 general-purpose warhead launchers (2)
Class Status Active

The TIE/vs Advanced Starfighter, also known as the TIE Spinner, is a fighter that was originally created for Visarius's Sith Army. It was developed alongside the TIE/vr Advanced Defender, or TIE Revolver.

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