Su-47H Berkut Alpha
Ac6 screenshot26
2 mainstream Su-47H Berkut Alphas
Vehicle statistics
Vehicle Function Air/Space Superiority Fighter
Length 22.6 meters
Width 16.7 meters
Height 6.3 meters
Crew Capacity 1
Engines Antigrav Units, Fusion Drive
Weapons Various
  • Gravimetric Acceleration Machine Gun (1)
  • Weapons Hardpoints (14, (2 wingtip, 6-8 underwing, 4-6 conformal under the fuselage))
Class Status Active

A retrofit for the old Su-47 Berkut created by cooperation between Project Reincarnation and the Sukhoi Company, the Su-47H serves as an elite squadron fighter for Hellcat Squadran's forces.

As with all units created in Project Reincarnation, the Berkut Alpha contains an optional remote/drone control interface, allowing for independent, pilot-less operations.


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