Strages in armour
Vital statistics
Title {{{title}}}
Callsign Agent Delta
Gender Male
Race Human/Warpspawn
Physical Age 25
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Faction Agent of James MacPherson
Tools Abilities, Toxic Weapons
Abilities Block Powers/ Take Powers away/ Control enemy body
Vehicles Numerous
Status Alive

Strages , is one of the agents that serve James MacPherson , who has shown himself to be a very skilled and nimble fighter; his superior agility allows him to maneuver himself gracefully to the extent of being able to dodge lightning.His knowledge of energy blocking is powerful, making him dangerous to everyone. He has also demonstrated the ability to take away a person's abilitis to utilise super-human abilities, permanently. The nature of his ability is unknown, aside for his personal claims and boasts. His claims of mystical power, however, does not hold much water itself. He is also well versed in terrorist tactics, drawing out hatred from non-super-humans and bestowing fear on those with abilities, always looking for a psychological edge against his opponents and terrorising and threatening all who go against his plans. He has also displayed a gift for political strategy, accurately portending that if he took away IceBite's abilities so early in his revolution that it would only end in him becoming a martyr, and that everyone across the galaxy would unite against his revolt.

It is unknown what his mission is,or if he has any. But one should be warned he never does anything without reason.

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