Stardrift Esper
YT-1300 - 2
The Stardrift Esper in the skies of Mandalore
Vehicle statistics
Owner Sen Urec
Starship Class (if Applicable) YT-1300 light-freighter
Starship Type YT-1300 light-freighter
Faction Hellcat Squadran
Power/Weapon Systems Hyperdrive, plasma cannons, life support, Seismic charge launcher, missiles.
Special modifications Interior renovated, now contains soda machine and TV. Added a small lab.
Status Active


The Stardrift Esper was purchased by Sen Urec from a ship dealer prior to his joining the Hellcat Squadran Universe. After he joined Hellcat Squadran and was assigned to Zeta Wing, he and Zack Sigurdson renovated the interior to make it more suited to life in Zeta. During missions, it serves as the "Tank" of Zeta while Zeta is in force. It has also been used as a troop transport and a recon ship. When on Recon, the entirety of Zeta normally assists Sen in flying it. While off duty, Zeta uses it as a hang-out-house, where they spend their recreational time. Non-members of Zeta are rarely allowed in, but when they are invited, they know that they've earned the highest level of friendship a Zeta member can offer. It is currently piloted by Sen and Leandra Jackson, the latter being his co-pilot.

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