Species 0002
HS Compound
Species statistics
Homeworld UNKNOWN
Species Status Replicated
Skin Color
Distinctions augments host's strength, gives host regenerative capabilities, stops aging process in its tracks
Affiliation *Species 0002 - Coalition
Notable Individuals none
Other Names *Elf Blood
  • Anti-Ager
  • Catalina-Bacteria
  • the Compound
  • Holy Grail of Medical Science

Species 0002 is an unidentified race of Ameoba-like organisms that implant themselves into a host and augment the host by killing infectious pathogens and 'regenerating' any damage done, even the effects of aging.

Organic Compound VBY-2836Edit

Microbes exposed to Transformagen and several other compounds, the Organic Compound is distributed to every Hellcat Squadran member when they join; however, a majority of the older staff refuse to use the compound.

The full knowledge of how to use the Compound was one of the few secrets of Hellcat Squadran that had escaped from Nod so far. Nod does have its own scientists working on deciphering the compound and are further ahead of any government organization when it comes to manipulating the compound. They are known to kidnap people to experiment on. There were rumors that the Organic Compound's microbes are actually sentient creatures, and, during the Consortium War, these rumors were confirmed.


There are many ways of creating the organism of the compound:

  • Artificially
  • Multiple Natural Ways
    • Fusing an Ectoplasmic Being with any normal Living Being
    • Exposing a Psychic-Enhanced Being to Ectoplasmic Energy
    • Being revived by Ectoplasmic Powers


There are several reasons for its usage. It is usually used as an augmentational Compound, but it is also used, rarely, as a medical tool. Since IceBite cannot affect viruses with his healing Powers, the VBY-2836 is usually used to help fight very fatal ones. However, those that it is used like this for are permenantly hosts for it, so it is only used as a last resort.

However, even Species 0002 is susseptible to Krolok Plagues.

People this had to be done for:

  • Kei Nagase