Spartan Team Zodiac is the name given to a group of Spartan-IIIs transported to the Hellcat Squadran universe in 2037, and formed their own team to survive. They were later located by, and integrated into, Hellcat Squadran.

In 2277, they became part of Omega Squad, when the subgroup first formed.




  • Spartan Team Zodiac contains many references to some of User:IceBite's Halo Fanon Stories. Lucius and Lyla are the names of 2 of his characters, and a UNSC Frigate called 'Zodiac's Rest' is the HQ of Lucius's forces in those stories.
    • However, the main difference is that, with Halo Fanon's Lucius being a scientist, and HF's Lyla being a lost child, HF Lucius and Lyla's relationship is more like a parent/child one, unlike HS's Lucius and Lyla, which is a mutual crush one.

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