Spartan Team Maximus is made up of 6 Spartan III super soldiers and a former ODST. Instead of being stolen as kids, like the original Spartans, they were cloned and trained from birth.
Maximus Emblem

Maximus Team Emblem


Spartan Team Maximus was originally 6 prototype Spartan-III/Delta variants who were cloned in the dying days of the Consortium War. The 6 members of Maximus team were deamed 'unloyal, unreliable, and useless' by the UNSC scientists, and were schedueled for termination. Ryan Ferran, however, stepped in to save them, as he was on a survey mission to examine the status of the clones. The 6 clones, at a physical age of 4 (actually 1), stole Ryan's blaster and held the scientists at gun point. Ryan got the weapon back and went off to personally train the 6 clones himself.

Over the next four years, Ryan watched as the 6 soldiers grew from 4 year old kids to 22 year old killers. The 6 men and women were grouped into Spartan Team Maximus and are the only non-Imperial soldiers to become part of Battle Group Aigaion in the Phantom Legion. Also during that time, the Spartans befriended an ODST from the UNSC, who eventually left and joined HS.


The team is made up of 6 Spartans and an ODST, each very unique and specified in different skill sets.

Maximus 1, D1/0013 Raynor: Raynor is the leader of Maximus team, as he showed the most leadership abilities during training.

Maximus 2, D1/0026 Samir: Samir is the team's 2nd in command. he is also the teams heavy gunner.

Maximus 3, D1/0001 Lexus: Lexus is the team's pilot and sniper, and was the first in the line of Spartan III/Deltas. She is the team's third in command.

Maximus 4, D1/0010 Jared: Jared is the team's demolition expert, and he just loves to blow stuff up.

Maximus 5, D1/0036 Julian: Julian is the team's combat medic. She knows nearly everything about the team's members.

Maximus 6, D1/0100 Ethan: Ethan is possibly the smartest person in the group, as he is also the groups technition expert.

Maximus 7, ST/98452 Valarian 'Dutch' Taymor: The only non spartan on the team, Valarian is an ex-UNSC ODST. He is the team's backup sniper and specializes in silienced weapons.

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